Next-Level Skincare: J'ai of Beverly Hills

J'ai Lone has been in the skincare/makeup industry for over thirty years, and has an impressive resume.

Michael Strahan even lists their Oxygen Cream as one of his "Things I Can't Live Without" in NY Magazine. That's a pretty great endorsement! (You can read about the collagen-boosting cream here)

Thanks to J'ai I was lucky enough to get my hands on a whole slew of products, and I have to tell you....they're incredible.

I'll start with my favorite, the Balancing Scrub. I can definitely say I've never used an exfoliating product like it. You really only need a small amount for your entire face. It's made with tiny diamond crystals, so it has more of a smooth texture than say, a scrub with larger, harsher ingredients.

On a clean damp, face, you just take a small amount of product slowly work it into your skin, using small circles.

The way your skin feels after is just amazing. Incredibly smooth and clean, and ready to soak up your serums, lotions, or whatever your routine consists of. Because such a small amount of product does the trick, it will last you quite a while. Highly recommend!

Another product that I'm in love with is the Moisture Infusion Creme Masque.

It's super rich and luxurious, but feels so cooling and light on the skin. I could see this being amazing for traveling/flying because of how hydrating it is. Slather it on before a flight for some seriously intense moisture.

It makes the skin plump and radiant, and smells wonderful. (All of the J'ai products smell wonderful, actually.)

I also need to talk about the Gentle Cleanser. Once again, a little goes a long way. It's creamy, rich, and takes off all of my makeup (including eye makeup) very easily. And not to be too redundant here, but because it's made with chamomile, green tea, and plum extract, the barely-there aroma when you're lathering up your face is just...mmmmm.

The bottom line is that I've really noticed how much brighter and smoother my skin has been since using the J'ai products. Let me know if you have any questions and I can get them answered! Cheers. Xx


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