Halloween Makeup Inspiration/Tutorials 2017

I love playing around with different fun makeup looks all year long, but Halloween!? C'mon! Time to get nuts.

With each of the makeup looks, I'll give a few quick tips on the easiest way to achieve them. Some are actually very easy if you just break them down into simple steps, and most you can do with items you probably already have. Here we go!

1) Oh, Deer

Items needed:
- Contour kit or a bronzer darker than your skin tone
- Very light concealer
- Black liquid eyeliner pen (or crayon-style, whatever works!)
- Eyebrow Pencil


- Take your darker contour color and really accentuate the sides of the nose. Use concealer down the middle.

- Flick your eyebrow pencil up instead of across the brows to give more of a "fur" look.

- Wear the biggest fluffiest false eyelashes you can find, and line the rim of your eyes with a white pencil to make your eyes POP!

- Put the concealer dots on AFTER the bronzer/countour.

2) IT's a Girl!

Let's be honest, ain't NOBODY trying to recreate the actual clown character from IT. I mean, I'm sure you'll see a lot of them this season, but it's so damn creepy I decided to go with a toned-down "glam" version. Let's call her IT's girlfriend who likes glitter and Hot Topic.

Items needed:

- Red lip liner
- Black Eyeliner
- Black/Red Eye shadow
- White Eyeliner


- It doesn't have to perfect. You can be as precise or messy as you'd like depending on the look you're going for.

-For the gradient lips, just use black eyeliner on the outer corners and red lip liner to the middle. Smudge with your finger or a brush to blend.

- Use those same black and red liners for the clown face paint, making sure to layer the liner with eyeshadow smudged on top. Connect all the way down to the corners of your lips.

- Add a dot of white eyeliner to the tip of your nose and blend for more dimension. You can also use the white liner in the corner of your eyes to make them look bigger.

- Carry a red balloon of course! I didn't have one.

3) "Beauty is Pain" Botched Facelift

Items needed:

- Black eyeliner
- White tissue paper or gauze
- Fake Blood/Bandage/Eyeshadow for Bruising


- Both the before/after facelift looks are really easy to achieve and make a big impact! Add some bright lipstick and huge false lashes for even more of a dramatic effect.

- If you can't decide which look you want to go with, do both! Show up to the party pre-op (maybe with a fake syringe that says BOTOX or something like that)...then later in the night, go to the bathroom and add your bandage, blood, etc. Double the fun!

4) Fortune Teller

Items needed:

- Bronzer darker than your skin color
- Deep Maroon Eyeshadow
- White eye liner (** two great ones to have are Makeup Forever Aqua XL White Eyeliner and L'Oreal Infallible Eye Paint Liner**))
- Fine tip black eyeliner
- Rhinestone Stickers
- RINGS! All of the rings.
- Bohemian-type scarf. Jewelry, adornments, etc.
- Carry an 8-ball or "crystal ball" if you want to be extra


- This one takes a little bit of patience and a steady hand. I started with drawing the third eye and just kind of let my imagination go from there. Add lashes by flicking black eyeliner, white liner to the irises of the eye, and shadow to the drawn eye to give depth and dimension.

- Line your eyes heavily in black liner, then add black and maroon smudges of shadow all around.

- Add a bit more maroon shadow in the inner eye socket area for effect. Use a heavy hand with the bronzer to contour and make your face appear more sallow or sunken.

- Add rhinestones with lash glue. Make sure you're sticking them to your actual skin and not makeup so they will stay longer.

- Add the white "tears" last. Squiggle up instead of down. You might have to go over them a few times to really cover the dark areas under your eyes.

5) Wonder Woman Comic-Book Style

Items needed:

- Black eyeliner
- White eyeliner (liquid works best here)
- Red lip liner
- Yellow or gold eye shadow


- Don't be afraid to make your black lines really bold. You want the lines to stand out.

- If you want the gold/yellow area to stay, use a good primer before you apply your yellow or gold shadow. Really pack it on...or you can use a Halloween makeup stick, gold face paint, whatever works.

- Accentuate your neck and collarbone area with black lines as well. It will help pull it all together.

6) Glam Statue Coming to Life

Items needed:

-Your regular makeup arsenal (make sure you have a very fine-tip black eyeliner pen)
-White face paint and white eyeliner


- This one is easy, I promise! Just do your eye up extra glam on one side, and roughly just start doing your face makeup/contouring in a small area on that same side. 

-Use white liner to really get allllll up in there in the eye area on the other side.

- Where your makeup and the white area meet, use your liquid liner pen to start drawing the "cracks". Start by your ear to get the hang of it before you start on the focal point (nose/forehead area.)

Cheers ghoulfriends, and don't be afraid to message me if you have any questions! Xx


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