Life Hack: How to Make Small or Uncomfortable Shoes FIT!

Alright so this is no Pulitzer Prize winning subject matter this week but I recently discovered a really easy way to stretch shoes/make them more comfortable....and of course I want to share.

I fell in love with these nude-colored Calvin Klein platform slide-ons when I saw them. Even though they were my size, they were really stiff and uncomfortable, especially in the area of the back of the heel.

I'm all about comfort for the most part when it comes to shoes, (honestly, women who wear high heels all the time: how do you do it!?? Teach me your ways!) so if I try on a pair and they don't feel right, usually it's on to the next.

But I was defiant. "I WILL MAKE YOU FIT MY WIDE SHREK FEET, YOU BEAUTIFUL LITTLE JERKS," I proclaimed in the store. I bought them.

I put them on right away, to start "breaking them in." Ouch. I feel like I had blisters by the time I got to my car.

When I got home, I was all, "what did you doooo?"...but then I was all..."Google will have the answers."

And answers I found.

All sorts of things popped up on how to stretch shoes or make them more comfortable. One of the funnier ones was filling up zip lock baggies with water and freezing them inside the shoe.

I decided to go with the Sock/Blow dryer method. Here's what you do:

a) Put on your thickest, coziest socks (even two pairs if you want), then slip on the shoes/boots you want to stretch. You're gonna give yourself some pretty awesome cankles.

b) Set your blow dryer on high heat and blast the shoes wherever they are uncomfortable (I did mine all over. They were way too stiff.) Keep it up for a few minutes, wiggling your toes and feet around.

 c) Walk around your house looking like a fool until the shoes cool off. Repeat if necessary.

That's it! It's like a miracle. The cute shoes I almost put back on the shelf are ones I now wear all the time and they're SUPER comfortable. So next time you really fall in love with a pair of shoes or boots, and they aren't the comfiest, grab your blow dryer. Xx


  1. Thanks Erin. I bought a pair of shoes 2 years ago and have yet to wear them. This is on my to do list this weekend. ����


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