BEAUTY THAT INSPIRES: Feat. Taronda Gibbons

I'm REALLY excited to start a new series on called "Beauty That Inspires", which will spotlight beautiful, confident, creative women (and men!) that I admire.

I'm still going to write about products I love, and occasionally tape tutorial videos, but I'm eager to hear from YOU.

One of my favorite things to do is talk beauty and style with friends, co-workers, and even strangers. I love finding a new favorite product or a great online resource through word-of-mouth, and always find it so interesting to peek into others' beauty routines.

Ever since I was a little kid I've expressed myself through fashion, makeup, and art, and I'm fascinated with others that do.

So whether it be a special effects makeup artist, a unique hairstylist, or someone who just has great style, I'm on the hunt to feature those who inspire.

I couldn't be more proud to introduce my first feature for this series. Everyone, meet the fabulous Taronda Gibbons.

As some call her, "Miss T" is a PR princess and marketing maven. She's an Atlanta native who loves fashion and views it as a form of expression without any rules.

I am so on board with that.

Taronda and I met all the way back in 2007 when we were flatmates in London during our respective study/work abroad programs.

Even though it was a decade ago, I still look back on that time often. It really was one of the best times of my life.

 Taronda and I have kept in touch through social media over the years, and she's one of those women who always looks great.

She's beautiful, confident, and has bad-ass style that I've admired over the years.  I'm thrilled she agreed to talk all things beauty and style with me.

ERIN: Hey!! Thanks so much for being my very first "Beauty That Inspires" feature. You always look so stylish and put-together. Where did your love of fashion/style come from?

TARONDA: Thanks! I just love clothes. Although to be honest, sometimes I wear as less as possible (lol), I enjoy shopping and looking at different clothes and trends.

E: What item in your closet do you have the most of?

T: Shoes are my favorite and purses are a close second. You can never have too many shoes!

E: What's your favorite "hidden gem" online resource for fashion/accessories? 

T: Don't laugh but Instagram! Lol. I love to look at pics of fashion on IG and follow quite a few bloggers who are fashionistas. For purchasing, I'm not that big on buying online because I never seem to get my sizes right so I usually shop in store.

E: I love the way you incorporate bright, bold colors in your wardrobe and makeup. Do you have any tips for those who are tentative to wear bold colors? 

T: Experiment! If you think you're too light or too dark for a color, do some research. There is most likely a blogger who has your skin tone and you can use her/him as an example of what you would look like as a first step. Don't want to spend a lot of money on makeup you may not think is for you? Find the drugstore dupes of that makeup and test it out. You may like it.

E: What's your skincare routine like? Are you more of a simple-routine gal or do you use a ton of products? 
T: My skincare routine is pretty simple. Most days I use warm water to clean my face and Clinique liquid facial soap. I try to exfoliate at least once a week using exfoliating gloves and I use vaseline or coconut oil very lightly to keep my face moisturized.

E: What's your go-to makeup look for when you want to feel EXTRA glam? 
T: I don't really get glammed up but when I do, I pay to get my makeup done and usually go for a smokey eye. I love bronze and gold eye shadows and a red, nude or chocolate lip.

E: How about your favorite product for when you want a natural, easy look? 
T: BB Cream with no eyeshadow. Just some eyeliner, eyeshadow and a nude lip or a gloss.

E: Who is your beauty/style icon? 
T: Not sure I have one, but I have a stylist I love to follow who is dionnastyle on IG

E: What women inspire you the most? 
T: My family and friends mostly. I have a few icons I love like Marilyn Monroe, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, and Erykah Badu. I am inspired by people who aren't afraid to be themselves and women who uplift each other. 

E: What's the biggest tip you have for women to help with overall self-confidence? 
T: Be you! You don't have to be like everyone else. If you think you're weird or your style is off, there is most likely someone else out there who is confident with the same style as you. It's ok to be different and you don't have to blend in with the masses.

E: Anything else you'd like to add? 
T: Thank you for thinking of me! I enjoy watching you grow via social media and your vlogs/blogs. You're gorgeous inside and out! I love how you are highlighting different women and hope that you can help to inspire some women along the way.

Well thank you Miss T. Right back at you!!

If you know someone who would be perfect for a "Beauty That Inspires" feature, email me


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