Le Tote: New Clothes ALL the time!?

I was listening to my homegirl Anna Farris's podcast the other day and she brought up Le Tote. My interest was piqued for sure, and my friend Amy recently talked about how she liked it. It's basically a pay-one-price-per-month subscription service (starting at $39/month) for clothes/accessories. You can either do one tote per month, or unlimited totes, depending on how much you want to spend.

(Quick insert here about how sad I am about Anna and Chris Pratt breaking up! What the eff? They seemed so perfect for each other! Anyways...) 

In each tote, you're given a pre-paid bag to stuff everything back in when you're done wearing it, and send it back via USPS. (They do the laundry!) 

 The thought of having new shtuff literally ALL the time without spending a ton of money is like a dream come true, right? It seemed too good to be true so I decided to give it a shot.

Once you sign up, you answer a bunch of questions about yourself and give all your measurements so their "stylists" (probably algorithm robots) can start to work out some things you might like.

Once you get the thumbs-up that your tote is ready to go, (it takes a few days initially)....you then have 48 hours to customize it. (It usually takes me about 48 seconds because I'm so excited to get it shipped out.) I'm super picky about clothes, so I've swapped out almost every item that I've been "styled". It's no biggie.

After a few days, my Le Tote arrived. I was amazed by the beautiful packaging and personalized touches. It's like Christmas!

 Each tote comes with a pamphlet containing the details of what you have in your tote, becaaauuuuse..

if you fall in love with something, you can just purchase it by not sending it back! Awesome.

They have a bunch of different plans which you can check out here..but i definitely recommend doing one of the Unlimited plans. The nonstop parade of new clothes and accessories arriving and going out all the time is just too fun. 

Did I mention you don't have to wait for your clothes to return to Le Tote before you can start customizing your next package!? It's so awesome. Pretty much as soon as your pre-paid bag is scanned by the post office, you can immediately start customizing your NEW tote.  

Once you wear your piece of clothing or accessory, (they have bags and scarfs and everything!), if you want, you can review it on your app so your totes will become even more customized to you each time. 

For instance, this orange shirt was super cute, but very tight in the bust. I made sure to enter that information into the app so it can help with future sizing issues. 

I am definitely hooked! Having four weddings in four weekends recently, it's been perfect. Plus, with football season starting, I'll be able to rotate in some cute fall jackets each week for the sidelines without having to buy new ones all the time.

 I think it's important to keep in mind that not every single item you get will fit perfectly or flatter you. I've had more hits than misses though, and ultimately getting to try things you wouldn't typically buy can sometimes surprise you.

I'M NEVER GOING TO BUY NEW CLOTHES AGAIN!! Okay that's a complete lie. But I will buy less.

You can also cancel or put a hold on your account at any time if you just need a break. 

It's not like Blue Apron or one of those meal delivery services where you have to call, text, email, give your blood type, and hand over your first born to cancel the service.

Is Le Tote something you would try? Let me know if you have any questions---oh and here's a promo code you can use if you'd like to try it! It's for $25 off!!

Cheers! Xx


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