Best Place to Buy Stylish Affordable Glasses Online

I'm going to start this one with a little story because I'm still laughing at it two weeks later. My fiancé and I were brushing our teeth in the bathroom one night, just chatting and standing there. My allergies were going crazy, and I was having violent sneezing attacks all day.

Before bed, I was finally feeling better (Thank you, Flonase) and thought I was in the clear. Wrong. Out of nowhere, I sneezed SO hard, my head snapped wildly, toothpaste went everywhere, and my favorite glasses flew right into the toilet. *PLOP!*

Because I'm a complete germophobe, they had to go directly into the garbage. I'd never be able to look at them the same again. The moral of the story is...even though it was slightly upsetting (and hilarious) it was really no big deal. Why? Because I love ordering glasses from EyeBuyDirect, and it gave me a good excuse to go online and snag a new pair.

I've tried the other order-your-own optical sites (Zenni, Glasses USA), and while I've had some luck, I can truly say EyeBuyDirect has the best quality for the price. Getting affordable frames is a great way to play around with fun, trendy styles without making a huge investment.

The frames I ended up ordering this time around (below: "Flashback" in Matte Black) were only $22. Lenses will fluctuate in price depending on your prescription. Mine were only $18.95 for the complete package (polycarbonate [thinner and more scratch-resistant], anti-refelctive coating, and UV coating).

Keep in mind I have a very low-key prescription (-2.25 in both eyes) so I don't need any type of special order. I definitely recommend polycarbonate lenses, though, no matter your prescription. It makes the glasses much more lightweight and comfortable.

I also added in a pair of prescription sunglasses for $30 because why the heck not!? My total bill was under $70. 

The only things you will need to order glasses are your prescription and your PD number (pupillary distance, or distance between your pupils). If it's not on your prescription, you can find out how to measure it yourself here.

**Bonus** If you want to try out EyeBuyDirect type in my coupon code IFC7BKZMN7 at checkout to get $10 off your order! Woohoo! Cheers Xx


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