Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Oh man. Halloween makes me giddy like a kid on Christmas. I know I've been slacking in the blog department lately, but what better way to dive back in than with some spooky looks for tricks and treats. 

My face is currently raw and red from scrubbing and reapplying, but it's so worth it. I love love love being able to play with makeup, get creative, and change up my look. If you're stuck about what to do this Halloween, I hope something here inspires you!

Pink GlamSkull Need a Burger But I Have Pink Eyebrows Girl

I wanted to do a variation on the typical black-and-white skull, and incorporating some pink really tickled my fancy. You can't really tell in the picture, but I sprayed the ends of my wig with some hot pink left over from my Harley Quinn tutorial.

The key here is to do your eye makeup first, so that you don't ruin your face with fallout from shadow. Put a primer on all over and beneath your eyes, and start working the pink shadow in a circular motion. Do your other eye makeup as usual, using whatever colors you'd like. I put a purple shadow on my lids, and a heavy black eyeliner/mascara for definition.

Next, cover your whole face in either a lighter foundation for your skin tone or some white Halloween makeup. (I actually mixed the two.) 

For the "skullface" definition, I used dark brown eyeshadow mixed with a bit of purple. As long as you have primer on your face it won't go smudging all over the place. Add some hot pink lipliner as eyebrows and teeth, and you're all set! 

Fortune Teller Gypsy Alien Warrior Cleopatra Princess Secret Agent

I just started playing around with this look and ended up with what you see here. I'm not mad at it! I don't know what it is but I like it. I picked up one of these Wet n Wild "Fantasy Makers" kits from Target ($5.99), and couldn't WAIT to play with the stencils. 

The best thing about using stencils is that every look is unique, and you can just go where your creativity takes you. Half of the look is with a Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in "Trooper", and the other half is stenciled on with a wet brush dipped in a rich grey eyeshadow. I did some contouring and added highlighter on my lips to give it a more alien-like feel. I'm feelin' it. 

Makes me wanna walk around town and give people really weird fortunes. "The third cat with the blind eye is stitches to the wind, my friend...ask and ye shall hear the brisk blood of gloorrryyyy...."

Yeah I can picture it.

Meow Meow Kitters Head

The cat, or kitty, is a very popular Halloween look. This year, step up your game from the 30-second Sharpie black nose and whiskers. A few extra steps can really elevate your look.


- Use thin, messy, hairlike strokes with your eyebrow pencil

- Line the inner rim of your eyes and tear duct with a good white liner that will stay put. The best one out there is the Makeup Forever's Aqua XL Eye Pencil in "Matte White".

- Get some stupid-long fake lashes. 

- To give your whiskers a more 3-dimensional look, use a liquid liner with a sharp tip. Use the pointed end to  make tiny dots, then very light-handedly flick lines away from the dot. 

- Super-contour your nose to make it look really thin, and add more black liner to your nose like pictured. You'll be channeling your inner Michelle Pfeiffer in no time. 

Cracked Statue Porcelain Doll with Sharon Stone from Casino Hiding Inside

Don't you love my easy, succinct names for these looks? I can't take credit for this one. I saw makeup like this somewhere on the internet and couldn't wait to recreate it. It's actually SUPER easy.

 Just do your eye stuff extra glam on one side, and roughly just start doing your face makeup/contouring in a small area wherever you want. 

Add the light or white foundation everywhere else. Use that Makeup Forever white liner I was talking about before to really get allllll up in there in your eye area. 

Where your makeup and the white area meet, use your trusty Kat Von D liquid liner pen to start drawing the "cracks". Start by your ear to get the hang of it before you start on the focal point the nose/forehead area. It's easy peezy, promise. 

What are you guys going to be this year? Are you going to try something crazy with your makeup? Or just be a giant hot dog or Teletubby? Let me know in the comments. Cheers!Xx


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