The Perfect Summer Hair Accessories

So Jen Atkin is on a roll to say the least. If you've never heard heard of her, I'm positive you've seen her work. She's the go-to hairstylist for the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara...the list goes on. 

I'm pretty sure the resurgence of all those awesome "undone" braided/bun looks you're seeing right now is due to her. I've been really inspired lately by her chic, messy looks. 

I've heard nothing but great things about her new hair care line Ouai, and now she's teamed up with the popular jewelry/lifestyle company Chloe + Isabel with a ridiculously awesome hair accessory line. 

The pieces are simple, yet really edgy and current. They are the type of pieces you could wear on your wedding day or to a music festival. They effortlessly add just that little extra something to make you look more polished without trying.


The pieces range from $16-45 and come in gold, silver, and rose gold . How awesome are these bun cuffs!? 

I'm also loving these circle clips. Look how cute they're styled in this double pony:

My personal favorite is the set of Small Crystal Pavé Fan Pins ($24).

They're really versatile. I've been having so much fun styling them in different ways. Here's just a few of the ways I've been wearing them:

Stuck randomly into a half top-knot

Going up a braid. I call this look The Bohemian MilkMaid. Moo.

A little sloppy with the braid here (plus I couldn't find a hair tie) but you get the idea.

So perfect for adding a little something extra to your "undone" messy summer hairstyle. Check out my friend Melissa's online boutique here and take a look around at not only the new Jen Atkin line but some of the other gorgeous jewelry & accessories.

Melissa is even offering glamgirltips readers a discount! Just enter the code 'SUMMER' and choose "Glam Girl Tips Party" when checking out. 

Which pieces do you want to try? Let me know on my social media channels. Cheers! Xx

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