*VIDEO* What's in My Bag?

I believe it was Theodore Roosevelt who once said..."Speak softly, and carry a big purse." I totally agree with you, Theo. I'm definitely one of those ginormous purse-carriers who is always accidentally whacking people with it in the grocery store.

I definitely switch it up and throw a few things in a smaller purse or clutch when I'm going out, but during the week when I'm running around to a million shoots, and having to be on-camera ready here and there, I always like to be prepared.

And gosh darndit, I always am. Headache? I gotchu. Heartburn? Yep. Need 37 bobby pins? How about a few nickels covered in hair? I'm your girl.

In this week's video I take you the deep, dark journey that is my purse. Buckle up. Xx


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