Red-Carpet-Ready Skincare

Okay, so...I've been WAY into skin care lately. As I approach my 30's, I'm getting much more vigilant about taking the right steps to protect my skin and keep it as healthy as possible. My nightly routine of masks, serums,'s like a little treat to myself before bed and has become less of a chore and more of something luxurious I look forward to.

My Aunt Donna, who I've mentioned before in my blogs, has 15 years of skin care experience working in some of the best spas in LA. She is so good at what she does, super knowledgable, and an absolute joy to be around, so it's not a big surprise that she ended up at one of the most sought-after spas in LA, Kinara on Robertson Blvd.

The spa's facade. Modern-looking and fancy-pants.

Robertson Blvd.

Santcuary spa/garden area in back. 

 Kinara Skin Clinic and Spa was founded in 2002 by leading esthetician and renowned skin care expert, Olga Lorencin.


I'm not talking, like, this a great spa and people love it. I'm talking Halle Berry and Kate Hudson swear by Olga's services & products. She's been featured in Glamour, Vanity Fair, US Weekly..the list goes on.

Viola Davis's favorite spa.

Halle uses the Red Carpet Facial Kit regularly.

Selma!! I love her.

Her famous Red Carpet Facial even received a coveted Allure Magazine "Best of Beauty" award! Bah!

Allure "Best of Beauty" Awards are a big deal.
I'm sure you can realize that once I got my hands on some of Olga's products, I was beyond excited..and they did not disappoint. After using the line for just about a month now, my skin looks clearer, and feels more supple and hydrated than ever.  My top two favorites are the Eye Cream ($65) and Weightless Infusion Antioxidant Primer. ($80).

I've been using the eye cream lightly in the morning, and a little bit heavier before I go to bed. Sooo smooth and hydrating. Feels almost decadent applying it. My Aunt even said you can use this for your lips at night if they're really dry or flaky.

The primer is full of great ingredients like peptides, powerful antioxidants and lightening agents to create a lightweight feel. The results leave your skin rejuvenated, healthy, and radiant. It's a step in the right direction, so to speak, to start your day before you put your makeup on.

But...the coolest thing from Olga's line? Oh man. Hands down, the Red Carpet Facial Kit. ($145) This is a take-home version of the famous treatment A-list stars can't get enough of, and I can see why.


The only thing I can say I've been doing this once a week (the kit has 15 applications), and it immediately makes my skin super smooth, supple, and invigorated. It's a three-step process, with a peel, neutralizer, and mask. After using the products and incorporating the kit once a week, It's the first time in a long time I've felt completely comfortable going out without a drop of makeup. It's a great feeling!
Just Intense Moisturizer with Peptides and Chapstick.
When you add the neutralizer (Step 2 in your kit), you get a hot, tingly sensation, but this is completely normal. It only lasts for a short while, and once you add the creamy mask (Step 3), everything cools down and feels really refreshing.

After the three-step kit I finish it all off with the Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum ($75). I'm in love with the way my skin has been looking in the morning ever since I started using this. 

I'm totally with you, Halle. This kit is bomb

Here's a quick Q & A with my gorgeous and skincare-savvy Aunt Donna. You can and should book an appointment with her if you're in the LA area! (+1 310.657.9188)

Erin: So how many years do you have in the skin care industry? 

Donna: 15 years, and the best career choice for me. I love it more and more!

E: What drew you towards working at Kinara?

D: We really are a cutting-edge skin care clinic with the best treatments designed by Olga. This is not a fluffy spa by any means, it's all about results. The estheticians are very passionate and want you to have the best skin for years to come. The facials are famous for a reason, and they are customized for you. The products really work and clients love them. They know they are in good hands at Kinara.

E: Olga's philosophy is that there is "no bad skin, just wrong skin care." How have you seen skin transformed by some of Olga's procedures/products?

D: I have seen the driest skin now dewy...the most acneic, healed. Olga has a simplified line that simply works. Clients come back loving their results and their products.

E: What's your personal favorite product from the line, and why?

D: The Eye Cream. It boosts collagen, and reduces dark circles and puffiness. The peptides in it plump, firm and hydrate. Silanetriol increases blood micro-circulation and lymphatic circulation while fraxinus exelsior reduce discoloration. It can also be used on lips, and clients love it and then can't live without it.

E: What is it about the Red Carpet Facial that keeps A-listers coming back?

D: The Red Carpet is a lactic and malic acid peel, good for even sensitive, dry skin. What makes it amazing is that we use a polishing mask after, so you don't need to go home and peel like you would with the glycolic acids. We loosen the dead skin and remove it! And you will find this with Red Carpet Kit at home. Lysate extract and pikea robusta hydrate, soothe, plump and oxygenate skin. Clients love it!

Well, I certainly love it, and I'm now hooked on Olga's products. There really is no better feeling than wearing less makeup because you're starting to not need heavier concealers and foundations. Results don't lie! Cheers! Xx


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