The Weird Wacky Gross Amazing World of K-Beauty

I'm warning you right now, if you're grossed out by peeling skin pics or Hannibal-Lecter-looking masks, turn back now. Buuuut, if you are a weirdo and you like seeing stuff like that, you're in luck. Ya big weirdo.

For this week's blog I'm crossing cultures and getting down with some Korean beauty products. Taking care of your skin, unique makeup, entire-face sheet masks, etc. are absolutely huge there, and many products are making their way into American stores (or at least available online).

Sephora even has their own section on the website dedicated to "K-Beauty". I want to try it all.

 It just so happens that two of the three products I tried involve peeling, so buckle up for an unusually interesting visual journey of yucky awesomeness. Let's start with the grossest to see if you can make it through the whole post:

1) "Baby Feet" Exfoliating Disposable Booties" - ($17)

First of all, thank you to my Aunt Donna for sending me these strange little amazing foot masks that completely blew my mind.

The instructions are foreign, so make sure you read the "how to use" on Amazon before you use them. Basically, you put your feet in these pre-treated gel-like disposable sock things for an hour. There's no discomfort or anything, and you rinse your feet and pat dry after an hour.

Anywhere from 6-10 days later...your feet start peeling. And I'm not talking like, a small blister. The entire bottom and sides of your feet completely peel right off, leaving behind amazingly smooth feet. Thus, the "baby feet" name. This stuff is so worth it...not only for the deep exfoliation factor, but the purely bizarre yet satisfying nature of peeling off your entire foot skin. Gross. Awesome. Yeah. Snap in to a Slim Jim, baby.

(P.s. that's a black fuzzy pillow I have my foot rested on below. I just realized it kinda looks like I have my foot sitting on someone's hair. Ew.)

There's even a website where you can upload your gross peeling pics and win a prize. Lolz. Love it.

2) "Oops My Lip" Tint Pack in "Pure Pink" - ($9)

I don't remember which blog I was on where I came across this lip tint, but I'm sure glad I did. It's a super rich, sticky, goopy gloss that you apply carefully from the tube, leave on for 15-20 minutes, and peel off. I'm obsessed. The color I got was "Pure Pink". It comes out way more intense when you first put it on. The tint lasts a lot longer than any other "tints" (not long-wear lipsticks) I've tried. I did an entire video showing the process and how long it lasts. Check it out:

Cool right? It definitely leaves your lips tinted for a long time, especially if you're not eating or drinking a lot. I definitely recommend using some lip balm after your done and everything is dry. I feel like even though it leaves a nice tint, it still takes off a thin layer of your sensitive lip skin, and you gotta keep it hydrated. A++ though.

Here's what it looked like the next day with just a small amount of lip balm over it: 

3)"Leaders" Brightening Recovery Mask  - ($4)

I don't know what it is about these full-face masks, but it feels so luxurious to put them on and let all that good stuff absorb into your skin. This "Leaders" brand makes a bunch of masks, but I loved this Brightening Coconut mask. It smelled great, was cooling and just a tiny bit tingling, and also made me look like a complete serial killer. Win-win. I kept it on for about 25 minutes and then rubbed in the rest of the serum instead of washing it off. When I woke up my skin was really supple and hydrated. I'll leave you with this image. Good luck with the nightmares.

Have you tried any K-Beauty products? What are your thoughts? Do you still want to be my friend after witnessing me peel all my foot skin off? Leave me a comment. Cheeeers! Xx


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