Halloween Makeup Ideas!

I'm sure if you've followed me on social media for a while you know I adore Halloween. I'm a firm believer that you're never too old to dress up, put on some creepy makeup, be a pretty pretty princess, or a bloody zombie.

I played around with a few looks this year to prepare for the spooky season ahead. You'd be surprised what you could accomplish with just some white and black eyeliner and a little imagination. 

Scary Ventriloquist-Doll That Lives Under Your Bed

This is actually really easy. You probably have everything needed already in your makeup kit. The key is make your eyes look really huge and creepy. Tips for this look:

1) If you don't have dark eyebrows, make them black with eyeliner for more contrast.

2) Using a black eyeliner, make semicircles coming down from your eyes as shown. I used Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. It stays put, but isn't a pain to take off. Also use the eyeliner for dotting on freckles and drawing on a few bottom lashes. 

3) Fill in the semicircle (and your inner waterline) with white eyeliner, The one I used was NYX Slide-On Pencil in White. 

4) Cover your entire lip area with your foundation. Then, paint on some new pink lips. I used another Kat Von D product for the lips, the Everlasting Lip Liquid in Melancholia. Outline the lips in a heart shape with your eyeliner.

5) Don't be afraid to go a little nuts with the blush. Use the pinkest shade you have. Contour your cheekbones with a matte bronzer as well.

6) For the mouth, use that same eyeliner and draw lines both where your lips meet on the corners, and going straight down. The tip to making the ventriloquist mouth pop even more is to fill in that area with a lighter foundation or concealer. The contrast will make a big difference.

 Harley Quinn

This is probably the easiest of these three looks. I've actually looked like this before after a rough night. The key is not be too exact with the smudgey-smoke eyes. Some tips for this one:

1) Once again, contrast is key. Use a lighter shade of foundation or concealer all over your face.

2) Don't use a liquid eyeliner for this look. Use a black gel pencil with a smudge-able consistency. Fill in your brows black, then trace two big circles around your eyes.

3) Fill in the circles with your gel liner in random strokes. Don't forget your waterline! Using your fingers, rub it in with reckless abandon. Ooh I feel like I'm writing a romance novel!

4) For even more smudge and staying power, use your fingers again and rub some grey shadow on top. Blend the edges out tapered, so it's not just like two big black raccoon eyes. 

5) Once that's all in place, then you can go back and draw the up-and-down slash with the liquid liner. It'll be a lot more crisp than if you used the gel liner.

6) Do it up big time with the red lipstick. Over-line, fill in, then using a small brush, bring it out in and upward motion. Put your hair in pigtails and you're good to go!

Half-Skull Face

This one is a tad bit harder, but still relatively easy if you take your time. For this look, I'd recommend actually getting the white Halloween makeup from a store.

1) Use tape. If you feel like you can't get a straight line, just put some scotch tape on your face while you do the skull makeup.

2) Use your black gel pencil and liquid eyeliner again. I googled a ton of pictures before I did mine. There's not much advice I can give on this, you kinda just have to go with it and maybe practice a few times. There's a bunch of really good makeup artists online who can do much better skull makeup than me, but for a basic look you can pretty much just follow what I did.

3) For the teeth, use a really skinny liquid liner if you have it. You want the lines in the teeth to come up onto the face and be faded. You can also add tiny little cracks on the forehead that look cool.

Add a cheap wig on half of your head and hide with a big floppy hat. You can either get really fancy and try to make your own clothes that are half-and-half, or be lazy like me and just throw on a beat-up black shirt.

With all of these looks, keep in mind if you want them to last, make sure to use primer and a finishing spray. 
Recommendations for these:

PrimerCover FX Blemish Treatment Primer (Good for combating breakouts while wearing heavy costume makeup)

Finishing Spray: Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray  (Heard so many great things about this)

Thanks for reading, everyone! Any other Halloween makeup you'd like me to try? Leave me a comment on my social media channels. Cheers! Xx


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