Report Card: The Body Shop Products

I know I've mentioned it before, but eBates really is awesome. You get cash back on any purchases you make through participating stores (there's a LOT) and there's no catch. I've already received two checks for around $30 each. The great thing is, you can look up companies you're already into, and check to see if the cash percentage is high (it changes daily). I always keep an eye out for Sephora in particular, they fluctuate between 4-10%.

So when I saw The Body Shop was at 8% cash back last week, AND they were having a 'Buy 3 Get 3 Free' sale, I had to jump on that and decided to order a few products to try out. I've been a huge fan of their rich body butters for years, they're kind of a cult classic for a lot of people.

They're also big advocate of socially conscious business practices, and they focus on high-quality, naturally-inspired ingredients produced ethically and sustainably, so you can feel good about supporting them.

I put together a little report card of the products I received to let you know which ones are keepers and which ones....well, just read on.

1. Mega Satsuma Shower Gel ($20)- A
Mmm. The citrusy smell of the Satsuma is sooo nice in the morning. Really helps wake you up a bit. It's like orange juice for the nose. What?

Plus since I got the 'Mega' size, it will probably last me about a year. The only reason I didn't give it an A+ is that I would like to see a little bit more lather out of it. I like having to squeeze out all the extra soapy goodness from my loofah after I'm done, not add more gel on. Jah feel?

Overall though, love it. Refreshing.

2. Tea Tree Oil Squeaky Clean Exfoliating Scrub ($15) - A+
3. Tea Tree Oil Face Mask ($16.50) A+

I truly love Tea Tree Oil products. They are so cooling and cleansing, and really are great for your skin. Neither one of these products disappointed. I used the scrub first, then put the mask on. The mask isn't drying at all. My skin was left feeling refreshed and, as the name mentions, squeaky clean. Thumbs-up. 

4. Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil ($22) - F

Oy. I got this because I thought it would look great to slather on some shimmering oil on my legs after the shower for a nice glistening look. It also was supposed to add a bit of a tan. Oh, there was shimmer alright.

 But the smell....bleeeechhhhhhh! My boyfriend's exact words: "Wow babe that smells like two-day-old butthole." And he's right. It smells like the most fake flowery old-lady perfume ever, and it's STRONG.

 I gave it to my mom, because she's an old lady so I thought maybe she'd like it (just kidding mom I love you), but she texted me the next day saying that she was currently taking a second shower because she couldn't get the "decaying goat" smell off of her. Let's just say I don't recommend this.

**Disclaimer: After I complained about the product to the Body Shop, they very quickly and courteously made things right. I was able to pick out any product I wanted up to $22, so I just got a Body Butter since I know I love them. Which brings me to...

5. Coconut Body Butter ($21) - A

I've tried a bunch of Body Butter scents over the years but I think I found my favorite. It's coconut without being in-your-face coconut, and it's just so luxurious. The lotion is very thick and creamy, so it's perfect for right after a nice long bath or shower when you're getting ready for bed and want to be a little moisturized, smooth, pea in a pod.

 It does take a bit for the lotion to absorb, so I wouldn't recommend it for your legs every day because it can be a bit slippery if not rubbed in all the way. I would definitely recommend any of the Body Butters, though. My other favorites are Pink Grapefruit and Mango.

6. All-In-One-Face Base ($22) - B+

This isn't something I'd use every day, but it's nice to have an extra powder in my arsenal. I tried using it with a wet sponge for more coverage, but didn't like the consistency. I do like it as a powder, but the shade is way too light. I even ordered a shade that seemed too dark for me because I read the reviews and that was a prevalent complaint...but it was still too light. This is give-or-take for me.

Overall, I do like really like Body Shop products, especially the entire line of Tea Tree Oil. If you're going to order something, go with one of those products or any body butter, You won't be disappointed. None of them smell like two-day-old butthole. Cheers! Xx



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