How to Set and Brighten Your Undereye

There's nothing worse than when you get your makeup all done, think you look great, finish getting ready, hop in the car, look in the mirror....and your under-eye area has already started creasing. You don't even necessarily need deep crows feet or wrinkles for certain products to settle in fine lines and leave you looking...not so fresh.

After experimenting with a ton of different under-eye concealers and setting powders over the years, I finally found the right duo that packs a 1-2 punch for coverage, no creasing, and a bright fresh look. 

Just look at how much of a difference a radiant under-eye area can change the look of your face. 

The first thing I do is take my favorite concealer Nars Radiant Creamy and dot it on all under my eye, down the side of my nose, and up across my cheek in an upside down triangle. No need to be perfect with it, it'll all blend. Plus you can pretend you're Ultimate Warrior.

Grab a damp Beauty Blender (you could use your finger but using the BB makes a huge difference and is much more delicate in the eye area) and pat the concealer gently into your skin with the pointed tip. 

Once you've used stippling motions to blend in the concealer, it's time to set it. 

Here's where a lot of creasing can occur, and it's not pretty. You really can't use a normal face powder for under your eye because that area of the face is much more delicate, and needs a very finely milled type of powder.

Plus if you use your face powder or any kind with rich color in it, it can oxidize with the concealer and make your under-eye dark and shadow-y or a weird color. Blech. 

My absolute favorite new product in my kit right now is  Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. Sweeeet Hallelujerrr I love this stuff. It's a lightweight translucent powder that gives a perfecting glow without settling into fine lines.

Using the same beauty blender, stick the pointed end into the powder and then bounce that off the skin over all the areas you applied the concealer. I'm telling you, the finish is not only brightening and very flattering, it'll keep your under-eye in place and looking like you just applied your concealer all day.

I'm sure there are other very fine HD finishing powders out there that would set just as well, but there's just some reflective qualities in the Laura Mercier that makes your under-eye look great in pictures...I can really see a difference.

Have you ever had a bad experience with using concealers or powders under your eyes? Leave me a comment...Cheers! Xx


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