Report Card: Long-Wearing Lipsticks

One thing I've been really on the lookout for is a good long-wearing lipstick that I can put on and not worry about all day.

For some reason this has always been harder than you would think. The most prevalent problem seems to be that they are all super drying and flake off. I've tried so many different brands over the years, so I put together a 'report card' of the ones I've tried to let you know which ones are keepers, and which ones you can file under 'FAIL'.

Maybelline 24-Hour Lipstick $8.99 (Drugstore) Grade: B+

Alright so I don't hate this stuff. But I also don't love it. This will stay put for a long period of time, but for some reason, the bright colors seem too bright and obnoxious, and the lighter colors seem to wash me out. It's also a little annoying to have to do a two-step process (lipstick, let it dry, top coat). I wouldn't totally advise you against buying this, it's just not the best formula out there. Everyone has a different lip color too, so they might look different on you. Eh.

Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wearing Lip Color $16 (Sephora) Grade: A

Yay! Currently loving this one. (Shown above in "Nude Pink Luster") It's not drying at all, and wears really well. It's not one of those super-long wear, stains-your-lips-all-day sort of formula, but it doesn't come off easily either. The trick with this creamy formula is to apply one THIN coat, completely let it dry, and add another THIN coat.

 I learned this the hard way by putting on a nice goopy layer right before I had lunch over the weekend. As you can see, there was a tortilla chip incident. 

I had to include my boyfriend in the picture, just because he specifically said: "You're not going to put me on your makeup blog are you?" :-)

If you put on the two thin coats, you should be good. The consistency doesn't flake off, it just wears off a little more gradually, but builds well so touch-ups look great. I'd recommend this one. 

Rimmel "Provocolips" Kiss-Proof 16-Hour Color $6.99 (Ulta) Grade: C

Nope. Just nope. Something about this formula just isn't right. I was looking for a nice nude/pink color to be able to just put on in the morning and forget about, so I picked up the colors "Dare to Be Pink" and "Skinny Dipping". I'm a big fan of Rimmel's other products, especially their "Stay Matte" Pressed Powder, but I was really disappointed with this lipstick. I even took it back, which I rarely do (unwanted makeup usually just goes in the random product graveyard drawer which I know you all have).

There's something about the smell I really don't like, and the way it wore off was super unattractive. It wore off right in the middle after only about an hour, and never seemed to fully dry. The gloss make it kind of tacky and sticky and....just bleh. The nude color made my lips look awful, like I was sick or something. Save your money.

Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain $2.99 (Drugstore) Grade: A

This is such a great thing to get a few of and throw them in your purse. For $2.99, might as well get one in every color! They go on really smoothly, and really will stain your lips for a few hours. I also love how it has a pointed end so that you can use it as a liner to make sure your lips are all covered.

Usually with a cheaper brand, you won't get much pigment, or it will be super drying. But you can't beat the value on these. The hot pink one rules. Thumbs up!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick $20 (Sephora) Grade: A+

YASSSSS. Oh yas. Kat, you did not let me down as usual. Her Lock-It Foundation is so great for special events, and the Tattoo Liner is perfect for crisp, clean eyeliner. This liquid lipstick just reaffirms my love of her line. It goes on like a gloss, but dries to a super smooth velvet-like matte finish. No dryness!!

There are a lot of really great colors, but the two I'm loving most are 'Lolita', a dusty rose that goes with everything, and 'Berlin', a muted red that really stands out. I wore Berlin for a night out with my friends last week, and it lasted through glasses of wine, soup, Thai noodles, you name it. It didn't come off until I scrubbed my face at 11pm at night. There was slight wear in the middle of my lips from all the eating and drinking, but absolutely no flaky or dried-out look. It didn't even look bad, just not as vibrant as when I first applied.

Just like the Sephora brand I talked about earlier, the trick is to apply two THIN layers. Make sure you let the first layer dry before the second. Two other tips to make it last even longer:

1) Exfoliate your lips before application with a warm washcloth, rubbing in small circles and patting dry

2) Dust your lips with a pressed powder before application (gives the formua something more to stick to)

That's all for this week, hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend! Cheers Xx


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