Makeup Tips for My Glasses-Wearin' Girls

Some days I just can not put in my contacts. When I feel like my eyes need a breather, I reach for my glasses. I've been wearing them a lot lately, and I'm not hating it. I have a cool pair of vintage-looking Dior frames that I got a few years ago. I only wear them about once every two weeks so they've held up nicely.

Just because you're wearing glasses doesn't mean you have to forgo fun makeup. If anything, the right frames might accentuate your makeup even more. Here's a few tips to putting on your face when you're feelin' a four-eyes kind of day coming on.

1. Get Curling

I don't know about you, but sometimes when my eyelashes keep hitting my lenses it annoys me to no end. If you make sure to curl your lashes and immediately put on two coats of mascara, you'll get those lashes up instead of out.

2. Accentuate Your Brows

Especially with a unique or chunky frame, having your brows accentuated and maybe a little more pronounced can look really awesome. Plus, if you're not used to a stronger brow, wearing glasses can be a bit of a buffer, because the focal point of your face will be the frames. Anastastia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade applied with Brush #12 will forever be my go-to brow products.

3. Brighten Up, Buttercup

Brightening up your under-eye area is important, even with specs on. Some glasses can cast a shadow under there, making you look tired. Using a light concealer like NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer applied with a beauty blender is currently my favorite undereye routine. Go ahead and add some more to the bridge of your nose and middle of the forehead if you feel like it.

4. Cut Out Your Cheekbones

Carving yourself out some cheekbones also looks banging when you're wearing glasses. Think high-class secretary. I'm a big fan of the Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush in shade #6. It's perfect for contouring your cheeks, as it has no shimmer and it's super smooth.

5. Be Bold

I love me a bright, bold lip with fun frames. For some reason whenever I wear mine I tend to go for a bright, obnoxious Barbie hot pink lip. My favorite is Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Pink Vibrations. No lie I've had this lipstick for probably like two years or something. It's so super rich, and a color I don't wear very often, so it lasts for-eeeever. 

What are your makeup habits when you're wearing glasses? Leave me a comment or email me, Cheers! Xx


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