Five Randoms Things I'm Loving Right Now

This one's gonna be a bit all over the place, so don't mind me zig-zagging from podcasts to beauty products. Just thought I'd put together a little list of some things that are making life just a little bit better right now. Let me know if you try any!

1. The Original beautyblender (19.95 Sephora)

If you're not familiar with this product, you're probably thinking the same thing I've been thinking for YEARS. "$20 for an effin makeup sponge!? Are you nuts?" I put off getting one of these for the longest time, even though every beauty blogger & YouTuber out there raved about them. I splurge on many beauty products, but I just couldn't justify 20 bucks for a sponge.

Until...I finally justified it. Oh, beautyblender. How I love thee...let me count the ways. You wet the sponge, squeeze all the excess out, and it gives the most beautiful, seamless blend you've ever had. You pretty much bounce the sponge off your skin, applying foundation, concealer, or powder, and the way it's engineered, you're not losing any valuable product. 

It's great for gently pressing a light powder to set your undereye area, and gently covering blemishes. Trust me, there's no cheap substitute for the real deal. I've tried them. (I'm looking at you, Five Below). If you're serious about makeup and blending, just get one.

2. "Happier with Gretchen Rubin" Podcast (Free) 

I am a HUGE fan of talk radio & podcasts. I listen to WILK Talk Radio for my to-and-from-work commute and I'm a big NPR nerd. I love mixing it up with a good podcast as well. I got hooked BAD on the Serial Podcast a few months ago (if you haven't checked that out, please do. Highly entertaining.) I've been looking for a new one to get into for in the car and I came across this little gem.

Gretchen Rubin is a pretty popular author, and in this series she has casual chats with her sister Elizabeth about good habits and how to achieve happiness. I'm not one for self-help books or things like that, but I've picked up some good tips and I like the easy-going approach. Give it a listen.

3. No-Show Socks (Lots of places, About $6)

Ahh! Why have I not been wearing these all my life!? When my pedicure isn't quite looking fresh, I love wearing light little slip-ons in the summer and of course my short black Converse sneakers. But summer heat plus enclosed toesies and feet can sometimes equal yucky moisture and smellzies. (Sorry I'm talking like I'm 5, I'm trying to make stinky feet cute).

Enter no-show socks. They just barely hang on to your toes & heels, but provide that barrier you need so you're not dealing with hot feet gettin' all murky. To be honest sometimes I have trouble keeping them from sliding off, but they're great if I'm just spending the day in the office and not doing a ton of walking around. Okay can we stop talking about moist feet now...

4. Philosophy "Help Me" (Sephora, $49)

 My Aunt Donna has been telling me about the amazing benefits of adding Retinol into your skincare routine for quite some time, but many products containing it can be very pricey. This "Help Me" is a rich, night-time serum you put on right after you wash your face at night, and right before your moisturizer.

 It's supposed to have a ton of great benefits, including keeping pores clean and minimized, reducing wrinkles and discoloration, and boosting tone and firmness. It delivers the key ingredient, retinol, through "encapsulated microsponge technology, which offers stability for gradual release into the skin" (this supposedly helps with any irritation that could occur with using retinol).

Now that my acne is starting to somewhat relax, I'd like to start working on my scarring, and just general upkeep and anti-aging. The reviews were stellar on, and it won a "Best of Beauty" at Allure. I've only been using it for about 2 weeks, and I can already tell a difference in my skin.

It's hydrated throughout the entire day, and just looks generally more supple in the morning. According to some reviews, it may take a while to see big time results, like the scarring I'm trying to diminish, but I'm willing to go on this journey because I believe in pretty much any product Philosophy puts out. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn't buy a new car. I'd go right to Sephora and buy every single Philosophy product out there.

5. E-BATES!! (Free to sign up)

Omg. E-Bates rules. I never signed up for the website because I was always weary it was spam or some kind of a scam, but after I saw my friend Michallyn post about it on Facebook, I knew it would be okay (she's a trusted source!). It's super easy and you literally get paid for shopping online. That's it. No hidden agendas or secret charges or anything.

What happens is you sign up for an account, and then you get cash back from your purchases at any of the businesses that partner with E-bates (which is A LOT. Sephora, Amazon, Living Social, etc.).

It's great for people who do a ton of shopping online already. For example, every time I order from Sephora, I go through E-bates first, click on Sephora, and make my purchases like normal. E-Bates keeps track of what you spend, and then gives you anywhere from 4-16% cash back. Your account accumulates, and you get a check every few months.

I just got my first one. It was only for like 11 bucks, but such a nice surprise! My next one will have a little more since I booked a hotel through the site and got a nice chunk of change back. Most of the time I'm going through E-Bates for stuff I'd be purchasing online already, so it's basically like free money.

Read more about it here (it's legit, I promise): E-Bates

Hope you enjoyed some thangs I'm lovin' this week...what kinda stuff are you getting into? Leave me a comment! Cheers Xx


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