5 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks

I don't know about you, but May has been super busy for me. I feel like I've been go-go-go, with work, events, and little side projects. I hosted a show at the 3rd annual Coaches vs. Cancer BasketBALL Gala last weekend and did a really fun Old-Hollywood-glamour-with-an-edge sort of look.

I planned on doing a whole blog post on the look, but I was way too busy that day to document each step. Womp womp.

So I thought hey, a perfect topic for this week could be beauty tips that will chop some time off of your normal routine. I've been doing these all a lot lately.

1. Quick Lips

When you don't have time for a full routine of making sure your lipstick looks perfect, use a pink-ish liner and a quick coat of lip balm. I like Milani Color Statement Liner in Pretty Pink and eos Lip Balm. It's such a fast, easy way to look polished but not overdone.

2. Winged Shadow

If you don't have time to really go slow and make sure your eye shadow looks perfect, use a piece of anything that's sturdy and has a straight edge, like a postcard. Line it up from the edge of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow. When you sweep your crease eyeshadow over your eye and take it away, you'll be left with a perfectly straight edge. You HAVE to start doing this!! Game changer.

3. Spray Lotion

This has definitely shaved some valuable time off of my morning routine. Lotion comes in a spray can now, people. Welcome to the future. This is the shit Doc Brown was talking about. I'm in love with Vaseline brand's "Spray and Go" in the scent 'Cocoa Radiant'. The nozzle works upside down so you can do a quick spray all over and your hands don't get all slippery and lotion-y.

4. All-in-One Face Cleanser

I know I already used the word 'game-changer' once in this post, and that's already douchey enough, but this stuff is a true game-changer. Philosophy makes a face wash called "Purity Made Simple". It's pretty pricey, but when you think about the money you save not buying makeup remover wipes, cotton balls, etc., it kinda equals out. Or at least that's what I tell myself to justify its price. It is well worth the money, though. It smells amazing, and there is absolutely no irritation when you use it around the eye area for removing all of your liner and mascara. Love love love love this stuff.

5. Spooley n' Spray

If you're running a bit late and don't really feel like doing your brows, a really great way to groom them quickly is to spray a tiny bit of hairspray onto a spooley and run them through your brows in the direction of their growth. They won't be filled in or anything, but they'll stay in place and help you look a little more polished in just a minute.

That's all for this week lovelies. Email me with any topics you would like to read about. Oh, and a little P.S.---I did my first bridal makeup this weekend! A big thank you to Maura, who looked absolutely gorgeous on her big day. Thank you for trusting me!

 She wanted a soft, natural look, so we went with a minimal eye, slight cat-eye liner, a pretty light pink blush, and nude/pink lips. She's so naturally pretty, it was very easy to achieve her soft glam look. Congratulations, Maura! Until next week, Cheers! Xx


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