How to Get CA$H Quick for a New Spring Wardrobe!

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, and for me, that couldn't be more true. I love men's trash.

I mean...flea markets, that is. My house is filled with frames & mirrors, paintings, unique tchotchkes, & vintage clothes that are some of my very favorite things to wear.

I brake for yard sales, they know my first name in Salvation Army, and antique stores are where it's at. There's nothing like the thrill of a great find..a ripped-up band t-shirt, a vintage dress, an old record. That's why I LOVE flea markets. 

A few years ago I started being a vendor instead of just perusing. It's a great way to not only get rid of stuff you're sick of, but make a few bucks while you're at it!

 I go to the Garden Drive-In in West Nanticoke. It's on Route 11. You wait in line, the entrance opens at 6am, then you pull in and find a good spot & unload your car right there. It's $15 per vehicle, which you should make back pretty quickly.

Plus you never know who you'll run into...last year Project Runway Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll stopped by my stand!

I've done really well in the past being a vendor there, making anywhere from $150-$300. Here's a few tips to maximize your earnings & be well on your way to some fun new clothes for spring. 

1. Prepare!

To make it way easier the day of the flea market, get all your stuff ready and pack your car the night before you go. Because you'll be getting up early (4-4:30am depending on where you live), it'll make life way easier to be able to get up and go. Use price tags to mark all your stuff, organize how you'd like to arrange, and make sure to take tables. You'll generally sell more items if they are more easily viewed and people don't have to bend down to look at them on the ground.

2. Be an Early Bird

The flea market opens at 6, but I never get there later than 5. Even when I get there that early, there will usually be about 50-75 cars already in line waiting to either set up their stand or get in there for first pick on great deals. If you don't go early and get in line, you'll end up with a stand all the way in the back of the grounds. Opinions may differ, but that's not where I like to be. 

You want a good spot in the middle. If your spot is right at the entrance, people will want to wait to buy. If you're all the way in the back, they'll be tired and grumpy. That's not always true, it's just my personal strategy. 

3. Make your stand visually appealing.  

There are hundreds of stands, and it can be overwhelming walking around and trying to take it all in. Be as neat as you can, make a cute sign, organize items into purses, shoes, scarves, etc. If you can, bring a clothes rack. People love sifting through clothes that way as opposed to having to dig or go through folded piles (which will not stay folded for more than 5 minutes). Also, fill your boots and purses with crumbled up newspaper.  They'll look like a million bucks. 

4. Be Firm When It Counts

That's what she said. Don't give your stuff away, but don't be unreasonable. For clothing, $1-3 dollars works. But for nicer items, a designer bag, a nice coat, dress, or firm. Either someone will come along who is willing to pay what you think it's worth, or take it home. Maybe you'll love it again next month. 


No...not THAT kind of BYOB, you lush! Bring your own bestie. Having a friend with you makes the day SO much more fun. Bring some snacks and water, maybe put a little music on your phone. It's great to be able to have someone to chat with when things get slow, and also someone to watch your table when you have to take a pee break. :)

So there's my top 5 tips for making your day at the flea market successful. Make sure to watch the weather the night before, too. Being a vendor in the rain is soggy and not worth it! Thanks for reading and see you next week. Cheers! Xx

Garden Drive-In: Route 11 Hunlock Creek (570) 735-5933
Sundays 6am-3pm (FYI: Go early...most vendors start closing up shop from 12-1)
$15 Per Vehicle - Port-O-Potties & Snack Stand on site)
Garden Drive-In Facebook Page 


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