Product Review: Luster Pro Light

Like a lot of you I'm sure, I'm a coffee junkie. I cannot drive to work without a cup, and I'll usually have another after lunch. I'm also a fan of the occasional glass of red wine (strictly because of the health benefits, of course). These are considered two of the biggest causes of tooth stain. I do use a whitening toothpaste daily so my teeth are pretty white to begin with, but I thought I would maybe try something to kick it up a notch. 

 I was walking through Walgreen's last week and came across this cool-looking whitening kit, Luster Pro Light. I was originally looking to maybe just pick up some Crest Whitestrips but I remembered I had some tooth and gum irritation from them years ago when I tried them. The front of the box states 'zero tooth sensitivity' so that was a big selling point for me. 

The price point is similar to that of Whitestrips (I paid $36.99 for them on sale, I think the normal retail is $43.99) but the thing I was most excited about was the fact that you can get it done all in one 1-hour session. You don't have to, you can spread it out, but I'd much rather just get it all done. I opted for the one-hour, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. I've been on a kick of re-watching every episode of Friends on Netflix, so the hour went by pretty fast. 

It's a 3-step, 3-product process that you keep repeating. It comes with mouth rinse, whitening gel, and this awesome little blue light gun like you'd see at a dentist's office. I may or may not have put it on my forehead and pretended I was Cyclops from X-Men.

Step One is to rinse with the accelerating mouth rinse. I'm guessing this acts like somewhat of a primer. It's mild, there's no sting at all. Just tastes like a normal mouthwash. You do this for only 10 seconds. 

Step Two is to brush the whitener gel on your top and bottom chompers. It says to dip the brush back in the bottle for every tooth but since my teeth are the size of a small child's, one dip covered two or three for me. 

Step Three is to then keep your mouth open in a huge deranged smile and hold the whitening light about an inch from your teeth for 2 minutes. There is a built-in timer so the blue light shuts right off at 2 minutes, no need to set a timer or anything. (Best feature of this product in my opinion.) 

This is also a good time to tell a ghost story, obviously.

Here's a quick video showing the 3-step process:

So that's it, after the light goes off, you go right back to the mouthwash and repeat 20 times. It comes with a little chart to check off each treatment as you go. If you're experiencing any sensitivity after the first 10 treatments, I would say stop and do the other 10 another day. I personally had very minimal irritation. I would say around treatment 15 I had slight discomfort around my gums but I powered through like a champ. 

The only downside besides the slight gum irritation was that my mouth got a little sore from keeping it open like that for an hour. Also, I'm not gonna lie there may have been some drool going on. Luckily I was alone when I did this and no one had to witness deranged-drooling-smile girl.

All in all I'm very happy with the results. Like I said, my teeth were already pretty white, but I can definitely see a difference. Here's a before/after: (Apologies for the close-up, yikes)

Luster Pro White Teeth Whitening System

Retail: $43.99 (Walgreen's)

Grade: A

Pros: Very little sensitivity, easy to use. Reasonable price point. You can pretend you're Cyclops.

Cons: Slightly sore mouth, kind of annoying to keep repeating the process for an hour.

If you try it out let me know how it works for you. Cheers! Xx


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