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I'm super excited to have a special guest on the blog this week--my co-worker and good friend Jane Adonizio! I'm sure you recognize Jane from her many years serving as a local reporter and host, and she always looks fabulous. We've always shared a bond over our love of makeup products, and shared a lot of tips with each other over the years as well. I thought I'd pick her brain for this week's blog, and tape a little video as well. (Now that my site is up and running smoothly I'm definitely going to start incorporating more video!)

Erin: How did you learn how to do makeup?

Jane: I learned to do my makeup by watching my older sisters.  Before I was allowed to wear makeup and mascara, my sister told me to put a tiny bit of Vaseline on my lashes, a bit on my brows and a dab on my lips! It’s probably still good advice for a really natural look, but I’m way past that now!

E: If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

J:  If I could only have one beauty product, I guess it would be mascara.  I always use waterproof mascara.  I get smudges with regular mascara.  I’m currently using Covergirl LashExact Waterproof. It’s been a little hard to find---I hope they are not discontinuing it.

E: What's the most unusual beauty tip you've picked up over the years?

I always curl my lashes after I put mascara on.  Some people curl before, but I always do it after.  Here’s another tip that works for me: I keep two tablespoons in the freezer and if I wake up with puffy eyes, I hold the  backs of the ‘frozen’ spoons on my closed eyelid…it feels amazing!

E: Any tried and true makeup brands you can't live without?

J:  I try every bright/fushia/hot/neon pink lipstick/balm/stain/etc. on the market…some fail but I always go back to Clinique High Impact Lip Color in Extreme Pink. I use it with another color or a lip liner or my latest hot pink shade and it always seems to even out the other lip color I’m wearing.

E: Give us a tip on how to stay shine-free in front of a camera.

J:  Sometimes it’s impossible to stay shine free!  Especially when it’s humid and hot in smaller venues…but layer your powder, as you know, and always keep those little rice paper absorbing sheets tucked in your makeup bag or your back pocket.

E:  Any makeup trends that you look back on and say, 'What was I thinking?"

J: I'm a huge fan of under eye concealer…I don’t really have dark circles, but it’s one of those things I can’t stop using.  I know I’ve chosen too pale of a concealer several times and I end up with that raccoon eye look in pictures or video.  But I’m addicted to all my “goo”…I’m a goo hoarder and I can’t stop!

I hear you Jane! I'm guilty of hoarding the ol' goo, too. I try so hard to organize my makeup area, but it's just impossible. Too much crap.

I'm also a huge fan of hot pink lipsticks, especially in the summer. Elizbeth Arden makes an incredible shade of pink called "Pink Vibrations" that I've literally had for over a year. Between its neon shade and the fact that it's highly pigmented, I don't wear it a lot and it lasts forever. I wear it mostly with a subdued eye look or with some of my vintage outfits.

I'll end this week with a nice little video, in which Jane tells us about one last tip she has in store for us! Cheers! Xx


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