To Shave or Not to Shave?

Hi beauties! I just want to start out this week by saying thank you to everyone for being so supportive of the blog. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time now, and hearing all of your encouragement really makes me happy I decided to do this!

 If you follow me on social media you know I've been west coastin' it for the last week, spending time in both LA and San Diego with friends & family. I had such a wonderful time, met some new friends (including a really sweet makeup artist!) and I feel more refreshed and focused than ever.

 I may have gone a little crazy at Sephora in Malibu, but I picked up some amazing new products that I can't wait to blog about it in the coming weeks. As I mentioned last week, my Aunt Donna is an esthetician at Equinox in LA (13 years experience) and she has some serious beautiful, glowing skin.

I decided to focus on skin care this week, as it's just as important to have a clean and healthy base for all that stuff us makeup junkies love slathering on :)
Now I have to admit what I'm about to tell you might shock you. My aunt's biggest tip when it comes to keeping skin young and beautiful is...shaving your face! 

No, really! I've been doing it for years, ever since she told me that it's pretty much the same thing you pay big bucks for at a spa. Some people might be apprehensive about actually taking a razor to your face and shaving, but I'm telling you..not only will your makeup go on like a dream, but the long-term effects of sloughing off dead skin will keep your skin beautiful and glowing. 

I've seen this technique in the media recently, as it's becoming trendy and well-known, but the act of shaving your face goes back all the way to the days of Old Hollywood. I figured the best way to give you guys information about this topic would be to do a Q & A with my aunt, who is a wealth of knowledge in the world of skin care: 

Erin: So what's the deal with this "shaving your face" trend I'm hearing about? Is it legit?

Donna: Yes! I have been doing it for 14 years. It's also known as dermaplaning, which you can have done at a medical spa.

E: What are the benefits of shaving my face?

D: It makes your makeup go on smoothly, exfoliates, and gives you a glow.

E: What kind of razor should I use? 

D: Tinkle and Shiseido are two good ones for face shaving. Both on Amazon. Keep blade cleaned with alcohol.

E: What areas on my face should I shave?

D: Any, but make sure to be careful around your eyebrows and hair line. 

E: Will it make the hair on my face grow in thicker?

D: No, this is definitely a myth.


So give it a shot! I think the first time you see how nicely it makes your foundation go on, you'll be hooked like me. And it definitely will NOT affect the growth of any hair on your face. 

With the traveling I've been doing, and just in general due to the nature of my profession, I often have heavy makeup on for long durations of time. Naturally, this will lead to some breakouts, and I'm currently dealing with some problem areas around my jawline. I thought I'd finish this post with a great all-natural face mask recipe from my aunt as well. You probably have some of this stuff already:

Donna's All-Natural Face Mask:

2 TBSP plain greek yogurt, 1 TBSP raw honey and 1TBSP lemon juice

The yogurt contains lactic acid which exfoliates and honey has antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial properties. You can even use honey as a spot treatment on a blemish. Apply to clean skin for 15 minute once a week.

So there you go! Give this stuff a shot. Here's to healthy, glowing skin...and NEVER, ever, go to bed with any makeup on! Until next week...Cheers! Xx


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