Get Lippy!

Alright so I'll admit it...I suffer from NULS. No Upper-Lip Syndrome. And that just doesn't work for being on-camera. But luckily I came up with an easy way to make my lips appear more plump with just a few products.

The trick is to first completely cover your lips with the foundation you're using on your face. Really! You're pretty much just painting a new set of puckers right on, so you want a good base. Then, powder right over your lips as well. This is a scary look, but don't worry, it won't be for long!

Then, sharpen a lip liner pencil and get to work. It's very important to have a sharp tip for this. Don't be afraid to stop and keep sharpening throughout the process. 

Draw the line directly above your natural lip line. There's a fine line between adding a visual plumping effect and just looking like you're drawing on your face! 

The next step is to use a lip stain to color in where you've just lined. The stain will help everything blend together. Finally, add a high-shine gloss to really pull the look together and make your pout pop
And there you go! Quite a difference from the first picture! Here's a before and after:
hope you enjoyed my very first blog post. More to come soon, and every week I'll be ending with a list of the products I used, so you can go out and try it yourself if you'd like. Cheers! Xx

Products used (in order):
- Japonesque Luminous Foundation in 04
-Revlon Color Stay pressed powder in Translucent
-Wet n Wild color icon lip pencil in Fab Fuschia
-Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain in Rico Mauve
-Kristofer Buckle lip gloss in Front Row


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